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News Flash: INTJ Very Inspiring Blogger, Wins Award!

INTJ award

Thank you, Susanne Leist, author of The Dead Game (at for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award nomination. I accept! I’ve been revving in INTP mode lately, thus my late posting to fulfill the requirements accepting the award. I am also recovering from the idea that my hodgepodge blog is “inspiring”… Thank you, Susanne. These are the things that the nominee is supposed to do in order to accept the […]

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Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow (or AnneSquared the BLOG speaks)

OMG…  There were suppose to be TWO, yes, TWO Anne’s writing this blog.  Thus, the name, AnneSquared. But, I am stuck with one of them! They both had the same personality profiles and family backgrounds, and thought it would be interesting to have a blog with a juxtaposition of similarity and differences in their lives. Probably would have been, considering they ended up in the same obscure part of the […]

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