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Shoes (2) – aka – Being an INTJ Mom,

I like shoes. Some shoes I love. I will spend several hundred dollars on a pair of shoes but I will wear the daylights out of them. I have to love them and they have to feel good. High quality. Susan loves shoes. She collects them. Resale shops, discount shops. My closet. She doesn’t care if they fit her or not, she will collect them, wear them, admire them, rearrange […]

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“Shoes” 1

The word “shoes” obviously means different things to different people.  When I was growing up, each autumn we would go with my dad to a local shoe store for the ritual of having our feet measured and fitted for new shoes. The store owner, a patient of my father, would always take care of us. There was no choice of what we would get, it was always the same: One […]

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