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An INTJ Quote by Thomas Jefferson

Famous INTJ – a Quote by Thomas Jefferson INTJ Insight … An INTJ is forgiving of the lack of knowledge. But we have little tolerance for lies and  arguments based on erroneous information. Presented with the aforementioned, we stop listening, and may completely ignore and dismiss input in the future. INTJ’s strive for improvement – in a process or end result. Our intuitiveness and ability to think through scenarios with […]

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How Does an INTJ Think? A Peek into Our Minds…

INTJ’s welcome input – criticism isn’t taken personally since they are striving to improve the process. They are open to changing their opinion. Do not let their aloof demeanor put you off – they are generally so wrapped up in working through ideas and concepts, the appearance of being inapproachable is deceiving. Be concise and to the point. Repetition and insignificant details will cause the INTJ to lose interest. If […]

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Communicating with an INTJ – Your approach and A Guide to Understanding Their Response. (Yep, Humor.)

Yes, communication is very important. One hint I will give follows: Since INTJ‘s will have a variety of responses, here is a guide sheet to understand their responses: Questions about the INTJ? Leave them in the comment section and I will get around to answering them as soon as possible. I know ya’ll are reading so you might as well ask the questions… If I don’t know the answer I […]

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