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How Does an INTJ Think? A Peek into Our Minds…

INTJ’s welcome input – criticism isn’t taken personally since they are striving to improve the process. They are open to changing their opinion. Do not let their aloof demeanor put you off – they are generally so wrapped up in working through ideas and concepts, the appearance of being inapproachable is deceiving. Be concise and to the point. Repetition and insignificant details will cause the INTJ to lose interest. If […]

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INTJ Humor – Wit and Sarcasm (or We are not known for tact…)

  I was asked by another blogger about the sarcastic humor attributed to the INTJ personality type (from the MBTI.)       Can you tell me more about sarcasm through the MBTI lens? I tend to interpret sarcasm as a defense mechanism, but you might have some more information about it.   Thanks for asking, but I can only answer from my perspective.  I welcome input from the perspective […]

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Not an INTJ Problem … is it??

  Image credit: Space-O Technologies.   I came across this on a feed that I could at least trace back to a company for credit. So time consuming, but so important, in my INTJ opinion.   I don’t think this is a problem for INTJ’s because we have a tendency to have all possible scenarios worked out in our head – and then some. It is the many other people […]

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