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Not an INTJ Problem … is it??

  Image credit: Space-O Technologies.   I came across this on a feed that I could at least trace back to a company for credit. So time consuming, but so important, in my INTJ opinion.   I don’t think this is a problem for INTJ’s because we have a tendency to have all possible scenarios worked out in our head – and then some. It is the many other people […]

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How to Identify an INTJ Part 2 (Or, Where are “They” – We – Hiding?)

While my blog is not specifically devoted to the subject of the INTJ personality nor the MBTI, the majority of queries come through from people seeking information on the INTJ personality type. Ironically, a “tongue-in-cheek” picture I posted obtains the most hits: How to Identify an INTJ Female (or A Compliment To INTJ Women). It must be because of the title – so I thought I should flush out the subject […]

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