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Through the INTJ mind:

Where most people do not see possibilities or, as stated in the title – darkness – INTJ’s see opportunities. If the concept is not feasible at the time, after it has been given consideration, it is discarded (or more appropriately stated, put on a shelf for consideration at a later date.)

INTJ, darkness, reassurance

Darkness Along the Path.
Full quote by:
Jean-Pierre de Caussade
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Darkness Along the Path INTJ Style

INTJ Quote

An INTJ regarding ….  GOALS! Can you identify with this? Name one or two of your major goals… Some of my goals: Short term: adopt a horse; Long term: write the story of my daughter’s adoption. Full disclosure: Will need things to do to distract from longterm goal, so may work on a blog for awhile. Is anyone interested in a healing, alternative (but also western medicine) approach ranging from […]

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