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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside – Have You Ever Had a Cat Scan? (HINT: CLICK HERE)

C-T Scan of Lungs: 3 Dimensional Shaded Surface Display (3D SSD):  full opacity shown in the left panel and reduced opacity (30%) as shown in the right panel to better visualize the interior of the organ(s). 3D SSD: blending of each lung following segmentation, transparent. (An opacity table is applied to the results so that surfaces from internal features can also be visualized.) This is one application of nuclear imagining utilizing […]

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Court Reporter (WARNING – HUMOR)

The United States legal system is the full interconnected system of judicial, regulatory and governmental authorities who together administer and enforce the laws of the United States, operate the judicial system, and resolve judicial disputes and appeals. (Wikipedia) (Note: If I ever use Wikipedia as a reference or source, I am not too serious about my topic. This is a first for me.) There are rules and roles that the […]

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