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Accept an Award, Save a Life (Part 2)

The WordPress Family Award, Most Influential Blogger Award, and The Versatile Blogger Award all have different requirements that go along with accepting the award and passing the nomination to fellow bloggers. All acceptances must be linked back to the person (blog) who nominated you for the award. All request the award logo be posted in your blog when you accept the award.  Because I am a “versatile” blogger, and an INTJ, I […]

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Accept an Award, Save a Life (Part 1)

I was nominated for several awards over the past couple months. As a relative newcomer to blog-land, I take these with a sense of significance – It means that other bloggers, my peers, read my blogs and respect (or at least laugh at) my writing enough to pass the award nomination along to me.  I accept and pass along these awards with the same intent, acknowledgment to my fellow bloggers’ […]

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