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The song is less than a 1:30 minutes. I promise if you are a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, thinking of having kids, or a kid, or have a heart…even an INTJ ;)…the song alone will bring something to mind, even if my words do not. My hope is you will listen, read and respond.

One kiddo is graduating from college in less than 2 months, the other is leaving for college in the spring. This week was a collision of emotions as one criticized what he knew nothing about regarding home life and the other needed intervention to keep her safe and on the path to recovery from her father abandoning her. Parenting is never easy, but what happens when they are gone? That is the color of the lens through which I see my world this week.


Baseball, basketball, poker, math, loyalty and logic, Harry Potter and Pokemon… my INTJ.

mara072013Leopard prints, sparkly shoes, gold lockets, the youngest in the national spelling competition, horses, cats and kids! My creative child. (And Harry Potter!)

I know they are prepared for what comes their way in life, for I saw to it that they were prepared.

Why do I see only shades of grey, with glimpses of pink mittens and red sweatshirts?

My hue is black and white, and all the shades in-between…

Shouldn’t I be rejoicing with the vibrant colors of the rainbow that my children have weathered the storms and are moving into adulthood…not without bumps and bruises…I never claimed life was perfect or that we had a normal family…. They have the skills to make their way in the world; work ethic, honesty, motivation, kindness and compassion, a sense of citizenship to their neighbors, friends and society? Is it possible to raise a child to be too independent?

Historically, no. Today? I am interested in what my readers have to think. Comments, thoughts, questions – welcome, as always.

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“Intellectual passion drives out sensuality.”

~~Leonardo Da Vinci

The mesmerizing artwork is by ana teresa barboza who uses a variety of mediums and textures to achieve her intriguing works. The above is “Graphite and embroidery on fabric. 70 x 49 cm  (2011)”. The link to her blog explains her artistic philosophy. My interpretation was different – but I was entranced by this piece, nonetheless. 
There is no coincidence between choice of artist and the author of the quote. I welcome your observations and comments….(not just INTJ’s…)

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Not all arrive. A rosemaled trunk is symbolic of my emigrant Norwegian family with their ill teen-age daughter. She didn’t fear death, but burial at sea. The chest became her casket until sharks harassed the boat. She was found – burial at sea.

The trunk stayed in the family; so has the child, wandering the home of every family member who has her last dry bed.

Hindsight: an independent international adoption, 2 weeks’ notice, six key people with a variation of the name Mary. Mara – Norwegian for Mary. No, she didn’t look like a “Katherine.” Mara was finally coming home.

100 words.


Miss Mara

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