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9 Ways to Beat the Mid-week Blahs … or How to Put a Smile or Straight-Jacket in Your Future :)

From: “FB ~Troublemakers” #7 is my FAVORITE!! I’ve done that twice this week the the amusement of the bank customers and my daughter.  Use a different bank if you do it more than once – also a great stress releiver if the lines are long at the ATM’s….)  Which is YOUR favorite and what happened? I am not responsible for bailing anyone out of anywhere or testifying to mental status […]

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INTJ Humor – Wit and Sarcasm (or We are not known for tact…)

  I was asked by another blogger about the sarcastic humor attributed to the INTJ personality type (from the MBTI.)       Can you tell me more about sarcasm through the MBTI lens? I tend to interpret sarcasm as a defense mechanism, but you might have some more information about it.   Thanks for asking, but I can only answer from my perspective.  I welcome input from the perspective […]

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