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Life filtered through the lens of an INTJ, Mom, and healthcare professional.



Humanity, INTY

Humanity… referring to the “human race” was first recorded in the mid-15th century. Its roots are in both Old French and Latin. Both root languages include mankind/humankind in origin, and collectively include the concepts of kindness, giving, all life on earth, refinement (referring to how one is raised), as well as pity. (Old French, humanité, umanité and Latin, humanitatem, date to the late 14th century. (Source:   “You must […]

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INTJ Quote

An INTJ regarding ….  GOALS! Can you identify with this? Name one or two of your major goals… Some of my goals: Short term: adopt a horse; Long term: write the story of my daughter’s adoption. Full disclosure: Will need things to do to distract from longterm goal, so may work on a blog for awhile. Is anyone interested in a healing, alternative (but also western medicine) approach ranging from […]

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