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Humanity, INTY

Humanity… referring to the “human race” was first recorded in the mid-15th century. Its roots are in both Old French and Latin. Both root languages include mankind/humankind in origin, and collectively include the concepts of kindness, giving, all life on earth, refinement (referring to how one is raised), as well as pity. (Old French, humanité, umanité and Latin, humanitatem, date to the late 14th century. (Source:   “You must […]

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The INTJ “info seekers” are curious about FEMALE INTJ’s, where to find them, and how to seduce them. I read the following on FaceBook, reposted it and it was “liked” by my INTJ female friends and family. I pass this “wisdom” along to the seekers of knowledge on INTJ’s.

From “Word Porn” on FB:
“You know how people buy drinks for girls in bars? Why can’t people do that in book stores? Like if I’m looking at a novel in Barnes and Noble and some person walks up to me and strikes up a conversation and offers to buy the book for me there is a lot better chance of that working out in their favor.”

I will not offer opinion or further interpretation here; my INTJ personal circle liked the concept. I will reveal that the “Word Porn” site on FB is not about texting sexual content nor words used in porn movies.

But then I just discovered “Word Porn” the other day and still need to do a full read – so I reserve “power of review” for now.

Just a few books... All rights reserved by Anne Squared

Just a few books…
All rights reserved by Anne Squared

Female INTJ’s and “Seduction”