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Through Her Eyes

Originally posted on Walk the Wolf:
This picture “Through Her Eyes” has captured my heart and soul. Joe, the artist created this in memory of his daughter. He has graciously allowed me to post this picture from his blog. Please, take a visit to his blog and enjoy the special talent that is, well, like walking into a special magical place. I don’t know how else to put it into terms. More thoughts about “Through Her Eyes” (added […]

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Germ Warfare 2 (or Twisted Sisters)

I am especially sensitive to good health hygiene after working in the medicine and public health. I’ve swabbed, sampled, cultured, grew and studied many pathogens in class and for work. I have also studied, worked and planned for real and potential epidemics. At work I am driven to distraction when co-workers insist on coming into work during the contagious cycle of an illness, do not properly cover a cough or sneeze, […]

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Wake-up Call

“all those times when i was little when you would tell me how gifted i was and all the things i was good at when i didnt believe you. im starting to see what all those are. thank you for believing in me even when i didn’t. i love you. goodnite.”  12:10am For all the moms, and dads, and caregivers who have “those days” (or weeks, months…) This message greeted […]

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