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Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Transport | Just Horsing Around

Not Horsing Around! Even the most reliable mode of transport can break down. My much-loved, ’97 Blazer has needed 2 major repairs in the last month. (I think she is jealous about my new mode of “transport” and threw a couple of fits to prove her point. Yes, my Blazer is a “she” and is named “Blazey”.) . While she was in the shop, she missed another transport “breakdown.” Back […]

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Communicating with an INTJ – Your approach and A Guide to Understanding Their Response. (Yep, Humor.)

Yes, communication is very important. One hint I will give follows: Since INTJ‘s will have a variety of responses, here is a guide sheet to understand their responses: Questions about the INTJ? Leave them in the comment section and I will get around to answering them as soon as possible. I know ya’ll are reading so you might as well ask the questions… If I don’t know the answer I […]

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