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As part of our household menagerie, we have had 2-3 cats at all times. Due to a series of unfortunate events, we were down to one cat for past year. (Tasha the Fairy Godmother We were at the point that we wanted another cat and A friend of a friend of a friend called to ask if we could take her cat so she wouldn’t get evicted from her apartment. We met “Shade” aka “Shea” aka “Little Grey” (don’t your pets have numerous names?) and decided to try integrating her into our household. Her liveliness and curiosity were expected. The obsession with my cell phone? A bit of a surprise. The little “Shea” loves having her picture taken!

Impromptu close-up

Impromptu close-up

“Fine, I’ll take your picture but BACK UP!”

Is that better?

Is that better?

“You need to get out of the lens…and my face.”

(Now she has decided to assist with the writing of this blog and is sitting on my lap staring at the screen, major purr going.)

I'd purrfur a purr ringtone!

I’d purrfur a purr ringtone!

Yes, “dogs barking” was the set tone – I hear it!

Profile shot  - great cat, rookie photographer

Profile shot – great cat, rookie photographer

Not your best side, Little Grey!

I want a professional photographer!

I want a professional photographer!

Not time for a cat-nap yet…let’s try one more time!

So photogenic...

So photogenic…

We were both pleased with this shot. I liked her highlighted face and she liked that the shadows matched her grey coat.

We decided this picture was the “cat’s meow.”

What has been your experience with pets and pics?

Not that I am being “catty”, but….

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INTJ’s welcome input – criticism isn’t taken personally since they are striving to improve the process. They are open to changing their opinion. Do not let their aloof demeanor put you off – they are generally so wrapped up in working through ideas and concepts, the appearance of being inapproachable is deceiving. Be concise and to the point. Repetition and insignificant details will cause the INTJ to lose interest. If […]

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