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Germ Warfare 2 (or Twisted Sisters)

I am especially sensitive to good health hygiene after working in the medicine and public health. I’ve swabbed, sampled, cultured, grew and studied many pathogens in class and for work. I have also studied, worked and planned for real and potential epidemics. At work I am driven to distraction when co-workers insist on coming into work during the contagious cycle of an illness, do not properly cover a cough or sneeze, […]

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Buried Treasures

Most of the sibs and their kids live within an hour’s drive of the home we grew up in, the one in which our parents still live. It is a white brick house on top of a hill, surrounded by woods on two sides and somewhat open on the other. There are several huge, untrimmed pine trees in the open front yard – we could jump over them as kids. […]

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