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I always considered sign language to be an elegant language. This graded final exam takes it up a notch – and I love it! What do you think?

Literacy Rough Draft Paper (
My Eyes Were Opened! (
This Woman Doing Sign Language At A Kendrick Lamar Concert Is A True Inspiration (

American Sign Language as a Second Language? YES! …


Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
You start by carefully arranging everything on the bed: the long skinny pillow on one side, the regular pillow at the top, the pretty handmade blanket folded just so. You place your glasses and phone and kleenex on the night table and turn off the light. You lie down, wriggle yourself into position, and close your eyes. Stop thinking, you tell your brain. Go…

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Shine on Award – (or Maybe I’ll call it: The Summer Solstice and Super Moon Award)

Now that Summer is officially here and the days are allowed to blend together, I thought this would be a perfect time to accept the “Shine on Award” that “FunnyPhilosopher” nominated me for on his site last week. It was a nice surprise, a ray of sunshine, a refreshing splash of water in the comment section of my Trifecta article about Summer – condensed into 33 words.  Thank you for the […]

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