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Accept an Award, Save a Life (Part 1)

Swedish life preserver at lake Lilla Färgen in Västergötland

Swedish life preserver at lake Lilla Färgen in Västergötland. by dcastor.

I was nominated for several awards over the past couple months. As a relative newcomer to blog-land, I take these with a sense of significance – It means that other bloggers, my peers, read my blogs and respect (or at least laugh at) my writing enough to pass the award nomination along to me.  I accept and pass along these awards with the same intent, acknowledgment to my fellow bloggers’ on one aspect or another. I am, however, deviating from the normal path in both acceptance and nominations. If the road less traveled makes you uncomfortable, feel free to return to the path of comfort for these awards.


I accept the WordPress Family Award from Barb Taub, in honor of my 3 year old niece, Grace, who is in a battle with lymphoma and liver failure. Grace is a twin, but one of 3 nieces born on the same day in my family – we never do anything “normal” in my family. Barb, how many pairs of twins in your nieces and nephews?


The Most Influential Blogger Award from, I accept on behalf of G.H, one of two young family friends that committed suicide last week. Her death was an “accidental” suicide – in other words, one that didn’t have the intent to go to the conclusion. Her death at 17 years of age, “influenced” many peers. In her last year of high school, she is the first one many knew as a first passing, or death, of a peer. Not to sound calloused, but those children are fortunate to be 17 and 18, to realize this as the first peer death. Yes, a tragedy. She was my daughter’s best friend in 7th grade. Now I am using this as an opportunity to discuss suicide, drugs and alcohol, depression and asking about suicidal feelings to the kids. to bring suicide out of the shadows.


I accept, from charcoalblue The Versatile Blogger Award, with a heavy heart, on behalf of J.H., another young family friend. He was a little bit older, a little bit wiser, but no one recognized the signs of depression in this young man, or if they did, they didn’t know what to do. And one night he did something he didn’t do –got intoxicated. He returned home where there were guns and shot himself in the head. His father, a life-long friend of mine, was in the next room and ran when he heard the noise, but there was nothing he could to save his first-born’s life. He is devastated, hurt, angry, shredded to pieces inside.

Had I known what either child or family was going through, I could have provided assistance. A suicide hot-line could have helped.  (Call 24/7: 1-800-273-8255. I changed studies for my professional career, at 16, because of a peer suicide. I learned there were signs and symptoms that one could be aware of … yet years later, within a week, 2 young lives are lost. So very close to me, and there was nothing I could do because no one told me or asked me – or knew what to do for their child for help. Was it just a matter of not having the right information? Suicide Prevention Week, 2013 is scheduled September 8-14, 2013. I am kicking it off a little early in my blog-world.

Continued…..Accept an Award, Save a Life (Part 2)

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10 replies

  1. As suicide is such a tragedy for all involved and also something that doesn’t discriminate, it seems absurd it needs more awareness. We should focus on the things that we can change is this is one of them so thank you for the post and getting the word out there and reminding us of this this indiscriminate and silent yet preventable outcome.

  2. Thank you, Anne, for this moving blog post! Best wishes for you and people around you!

    • Thank you for the award and good wishes, Kitty. My hope is that the word gets out on recognition, even a bit more, and more families are spared the lifetime of grief – not to mention lives saved.

  3. Bless you for this post! Teen suicide awareness and prevention is so important Anne. I lost a friend to suicide and it is such a tragedy. One of my first forays into the mental health field was volunteering for the Contact hotline. I met some incredible people and began the journey to discover my calling to serve. There is always more to do, being a teenager can be grueling and suicide cannot be undone! I am very sorry for your losses and applaud what you have done here!

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